This is a testnet. Transactions here will not be migrated to the mainnet. These transactions are for testing purposes only and will be deleted later.


We named mining in the Sealyum network as sealing.
Packets are opened by the network, but a sealer is needed to seal it. Follow these steps to seal a package;
1 - First easily create a wallet.
2 - Go to the Sealer page.
3 - Enter your wallet number in the To Join field.
4 - Click the "Start Sealing" button and start searching for a seal.

If you find a seal when the seal search starts, you will automatically be included in the package raffle list.

Blockchains already exist and they all look alike. Sealyum was created for change, and what makes it valuable is its updatable nature. Once the Sealyum community decides on an idea, it can update the network and keep it up to date with modern technology.

In the Sealyum network, we constantly keep our structure up to date and enable people to use it. We do this by identifying deficiencies in blockchains and applying them to our network.