This is a testnet. Transactions here will not be migrated to the mainnet. These transactions are for testing purposes only and will be deleted later.

Reward List

Here are the wallet addresses of people who detected errors in the test network and contributed to the test network. These wallet addresses will be rewarded when the mainnet goes live.

# Wallet Address Error Description Reward
1 2a6f35bc53da36dbcdfc94b322d314de1bf06f260a It detected that the amount of the transfer was blocked by security measures. 100.00000000
2 ae388cb9b976344b2bbf42ca751dd870741d7bc410 Discovered the faucet problem after the update. 20.00000000
3 2b5f6ed502fbf7a7e8dc01da67869adffdffeb121b The explorer noticed the page navigation error. 20.00000000